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Another youth wanted for 'selling' sex on the Internet

Date: February 14, 2004

CHENNAI: For the second day on Friday, cyber crime is in the news, and this time because a youth tarnished his relative's reputation by soliciting customers for sex on a chat room using her name and address.
The Tirunelveli-based youth did so by creating a chat ID in the name of his sister-in-law Jaya, 27, on a Chennai-based website and revealed her address and phone number after 'striking a deal' with a few chatters. The youth also mentioned the 'rate for the service' on the chat room, the police said.

A few days after the youth started chatting and giving address, Jaya and her husband Vetri, a realtor, were shaken by the repeated calls from 'customers'. During one such call, Vetri asked a caller how he got the address and phone number only to be told that he got the information from a person chatting using Jaya's name. The caller also mentioned the name of the website.

Armed with those details, Jaya and Vetri sought the help of the Cyber Cell of the city police to put an end to the calls. The police in turn got in touch with the hosts of the website.

The website hosts, along with the cyber police monitored the name on the chatroom for over a week and identified the person with the help of the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which they got from a private Internet service provider.

The police tracked down and identified the computer, which belonged to a Tirunelveli-based relative of Jaya, also a native of the town.

Jaya married Vetri about a year ago, the police said. The police said a special squad has been sent to Tirunelveli to arrest the youth.

It may be recalled that the Cyber Cell of the city police on Wednesday registered a similar case involving a city-based job consultant whose name was put up on the Chennai call girl list.

(Jaya and Vetri are not the real names of the persons concerned. These have been changed on request.)
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