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Interpol inspires global actions on cybercrime

Date: September 13, 2007
Source: InformationWeek

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble this week called for the creation of an integrated cybercrime investigative network to combat the growing threat.

Noble pushed the idea of setting up a network that would enable police anywhere in the world to immediately identify and obtain help from security researchers and investigators in other countries 24 hours a day. He also called for building up information shares called National Central Reference Points and connecting them using Interpol's secure global police communications system, known as I-24/7.

"Law enforcement agencies and the private sector need to work more closely together, with countries creating specialist joint units ready to respond to a cyber-threat against their nation or to provide assistance for police anywhere in the world," said Noble, adding that the private sector needs to be more involved in law enforcement efforts. "The very people who have been pioneering the applications that have made the Internet so important in our daily lives can, and must, play an essential role in keeping it safe."
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