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Discussion : South Brunswick girl falls prey to online predator

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2007-02-26 01:22:06 -
Dein Aufstellungsort verdient nur gute Woerter. Danke.

2007-02-22 08:28:35 -
Nice site you have!

2006-08-03 12:56:57 -
It's amazing how only GIRLS are responding and defending his sorry ass! Are all of you his little bitches?!?! =)

2006-07-12 00:57:13 - Jennifer
Its not very nice to judge somebody when you only have one side to the story, and also get your facts straight before judging somebody. If anything you need a reality check. Get your facts straight!!!

2006-07-01 12:26:34 -
Whatever...Jose is a scumbag and he deserves to rot. it is now 2006 and the hearing went to court. He IS in jail and I hope that the inmates do to him what he did to the girl.

She told him her real age later and he still assaulted her! He is a dirty man and you need a reality check!

2006-04-21 23:28:31 -
heyy i am jose's goddaughter and i know it was not his fault the girl lied saying she was 28 which she was only 14.So that means my uncle did not go to jail for 5-10 years.So you BETTER GET THAT STARIGHT BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOOD AT TELLING NEWS.And now hes doing his time for only 2 months OKEY so get that staright OKEY GOOD BYE

2006-03-26 22:03:15 -
lisen jose casallas is not in jail for 5 to 10 years he was only in jail for 2 weeks ok and he was not guilty so who ever wrote this better change it because he is my uncle and the girl was the one that was guilty not him ok so you better change that. thank you very much

2005-09-02 22:21:50 -
u should give us more info

2004-12-28 19:55:47 -
Recently i found out my 16yr.old nephew has been involved in chat rooms.It scares me very much. He has not been informed of the dangers of chat rooms. This article will benefit our houshold very much.I have a 15 yr. old son to worry about.I am very sorry for the young lady in this clip, but if other mothers and concerned parents can use this as a tool some good has come from it.

Total 9 comments
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