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Discussion : Punishment fits the crime for these hackers

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2006-05-05 18:23:48 - Revolutionary
come on! they didnt do any harm! and yes Disgusted, i am disgusted at where this society is going too. I am disgusted that we are evolving into uptight beurocrats. We should be taking a more progressive view by now. The sucessful hackers should defantly be allowed to enter, especially computer programming courses.

2006-02-07 15:49:54 - Disgusted
It's disgusting to see how many people are being raised not knowing right from wrong or even caring. It's definately not a good sign for the direction humanity is going. What next? Will it be ok to harm someone as long as you don't harm too many. What kind of degenarated mind does it take to purposely cause harm. Actually not much of a mind at all.

2005-08-12 20:26:24 - Acid Burn
WHO CARES! They wanted to see if they got in! Chill out! They did no harm.

2005-03-13 16:06:10 -
dear i know i ask u that morie but plz need ur help if u can plz just try . ok dear pzl just try

Total 4 comments
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