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Trends of cybercrimes

Date: February 13, 2004
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

According to experts' of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimation, number of crimes committed with help of the Internet is growing in proportion with increasing number of users. The Internet became a sphere where 'criminality is growing impetuously', officers of Interpol stated.

Mass distribution of cyber criminality, making thousands of users' security depend on individual fraudsters, started only few years ago. However, overall development and application of modern technologies along with insufficient equipment of computer security departments in law enforcement agencies will lead inevitably to creation of the global network of cyber criminals, experts forecast.

More and more signs illustrate that in cases of computer crimes we should speak about organized crime. Cyber crimes in the USA are growing like a shot, recently published FBI investigations shows. 90% of interrogated faced with different type of violations in the Web, but only 34% of them appealed to law enforcement.

Cybercrime structure in USA is the following: 44% of crimes are money theft from electronic accounts, 16% - software deterioration, 16% - secret data theft, 12% - data counterfeit, 10% - services order at the cost of someone else.

Crimes related to hacking of systems, credit cards frauds and child porn are in the top in Germany. Many experts associate these kinds of cyber crimes with organized crime. According to Ministry of Internal Affairs, overwhelming majority of cyber crimes is committed from computers allocated abroad. Traces of 80% of all illegal penetrations, registered of crimes department lead to the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Russia.

Usual blackmail is spreading in the Internet last years: criminals threaten they would launch viruses and hack computer systems of corporations or state authorities, if they are not paid a ransom.

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