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Dutch justice minister in the dark on cybercrime

Date: January 13, 2005
By: Joe Figueiredo

Dutch justice minister Piet Hein Donner has admitted to having no accurate picture of cybercrime perpetrated in the Netherlands, or how many businesses have been victims of cybercriminals,.

“There are, unfortunately, no national cybercrime statistics available from the police,” wrote the minister in response to a question raised by Arda Gerkens, a Socialist Party member of the Dutch lower house.

According to Mr. Donner, many businesses are just too afraid of damaging their image by reporting such a crime.

However, he did provide some statistics courtesy of the Dutch public prosecution service. Since 1998, the service has dealt with 225 cases contravening the Dutch Computer Crime Act, of which 82 (36 per cent) came to court. Out of these, 69 cases (31 per cent) were settled and the others dismissed. To date, 53 cases produced sentences.

In order to promote and improve cybercrime reporting, the national lobby and platform for controlling crime, the Nationaal Platform Criminaliteitsbeheersing, has launched an anti-cybercrime campaign, 'Aanpak Cybercrime', and is also promoting the EU’s Safer Internet Action Plan for residential and small-business users.

Although Mr. Donner is not prepared to dedicate more police personnel to fighting cybercrime, more police officers and public prosecutors are being trained in information technology.

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