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Discussion : ''Break In'': the hackers' weapon

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2005-09-17 19:05:42 -
Thank you for the info!

2004-11-13 09:51:35 -
Naming hackers as criminals is insane. Whoever writes such content should first try to understand the ethics and the moral system that hackers are guided by and also learn that "hacking" is a mentality, a way of life and a method to demonstrate that "the system" can always be improved. Real hackers don't damage a thing, they only use what is dirt cheap and always come out of the dark for one sec to point out the vulnerabilities of society, goverments and general infrastructure. You should never judge hackers by criminal laws because their only crime was, is and will ever be curiosity and the will to learn more and more. How can you inprison a scientist that points an unknown disease?

However, there are tons of cyber criminals and terrorists out there that dont mind wiping your hdd clean or stealing your ID and using it for malicious causes. They should be treated and regarded as criminals because they bring mud to an unbreakable original hacker mentality.

If the media would revise their mentality and just stop to think before writing commercial nonsense, everything would go a little bit safer and smoother for everybody.

So what weapons are you talking about ? Knowledge? Curiosity? Intelligence ? You will never stop the power of information hungry hackers but you SHOULD trial and make laws for the unscrupulous criminals.



Total 2 comments
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