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Phishing still on the rise

Date: March 12, 2005
Source: Continuity Central

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has reported that phishers are commanding ever larger arrays of co-opted Internet infrastructure.

In January, there were 12,845 new, unique phishing e-mail messages reported to the APWG, an increase of 42 percent over the unique reports for December.

In the same month there were 2,560 unique sites reported, a jump of 47 percent over December (1740) - more than double the number reported just three months ago in October (1186).

Non-port-80 hosted sites amount to almost 10 percent of all phish sites, according to APWG's January statistics. (Port 80 is the most common communications channel for Internet applications; alternative port usage is a phishing tactic used to evade filters.)

"The rise in non port 80 hosted sites and the number of sites which are hosting phishing attacks continues to lead us to believe that the number of machines that are compromised and are being used to host these attacks is growing," states the APWG.
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