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Discussion : Two caught in underage sex sting

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2007-11-27 09:15:07 -
This is of the DEVIL!!! You need Jesus in your life. No sex until your married.!

2007-06-26 09:13:46 - Cecca
You are all very gay and stupid and no one would ever have sex with you

2007-06-26 09:11:24 -
i think you are all very silly and dont know much about sex really do you no!!!! haha!!! you sounds very naive when you refer to sexual intercouse and should learn a little before you start talking about underage sex you immature little dickheads much love x

2007-03-17 18:18:27 -
i want all types of sex with any age of females immediately contact on email

2006-12-28 03:14:50 -
do anyone know any picture or website that have underage sex pictures or any video for download? those things are hard 2 find nowadays... pleaze e-mail me... thanks

2006-12-10 03:49:32 -
i try to understand about it

2006-10-25 12:51:31 -
the first girl i ever had sex with was 16 she was a 36C almost a D and was on BC her parants took her once a month to the doctor to get a shot in her ass of BC she had been on BC since she was 13 i dont know about but it was the best damn sex i think i will ever have in my life she was about 110 pounds and very hot she didnt have to much of an ass bu tthat was ok she had blond hair green eyes almost a D Cup and birth control that worked very effeciently i was 20 and her parents didnt seem to see anything wrong with it.

2006-09-03 15:55:51 - JustMe
Interesting that it is now legal to arrest someone for what they think. Also interesting that you can be prosecuted for soliciting sex from an adult posing as a minor. Lying is now (has always been) OK for law enforcement, but not for the general public. Just a plain screwed up mess all the way around. You can now be prosecuted for what you think. Beware of the thought police!!!

2006-08-07 07:25:41 -
im 17 and have had sex since i woz 11, ders nuttin rong with it underages, its f*cking awesome and everyone wantst do it!

2006-06-05 06:42:50 -
i am now 19 and i have sex cince i was 10!! it is gd!

2006-03-27 07:52:25 -
i am 15 with a 21 year old and i don't think it's wrong ... i had sex when i was 13 ... if u want to have sex then it's yur life do what u want ... 12 n over i think it's good to have sex ... just be resondable and take what comes with it ...

2005-11-25 04:44:13 - sophieb and lucy
you only live once we say go out and have as much fun as you can. dnt die a virgin life screws us all. no matter how old we r.

2005-11-25 04:30:26 - XxxAmY, EmMa SoPh BuRnSXxx
You Should only av sex if u feel u r ready.dont let any boy push u into anything.But GO 4 IT!!! u will regrett it if u dont get a do it

2005-10-24 18:11:52 - ???
No one should have sex if they can't take the responibility for the consquences. there are girls as young as 10 getting pregnant. Protection does not work all of the time, even when used properly. people that young cannot support children, therfore they shouldn't be having sex.

2005-10-13 09:17:21 - !!!!lindsay n becky!!!!!
we fink u'z lot r mad!!!!. Look if u want to have sex then u should not coz u feel u av 2. u no wen u r ready or if ur not. if ur not sure then wait till u r sure. every1 sez use protection n i bet u dont really care but it is worth it coz u dont want to be worrying constanlty bout pregnancy or disease. believe us we no and we jus want to pass on some advice and experiences dat we wish dat we had listened to. If u do, do it make sure u enjoy it !!!!!!!! xxxxxx

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