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Bank official cheated his bank selling e-vouchers

Date: February 12, 2004
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Slavyansk, Ukraine - Prosecutor Office initiated criminal case under Article 191, Section 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Appropriation of somebody else-s property by way of abusing of official position") against the former head of department in one of Slavyansk banks.
Enterprising official penetrated via computer network in specific bank software designed for emitting electronic vouchers (electronic scratch cards) for Sim-Sim UMC mobile communication payments. During 1 month he stole cards to the amount of 181 800 UAH (~ $ 34 000). He sold e-vouchers through men of straw, changing information in the program, Dmitri Sazonenko, senior investigator of Slavyansk Prosecutor Office informed "Fakty" newspaper.

The loss was detected during regular bank check-up. During operative investigation, the former head of department entirely pled not guilty, but according to the office, there was a number of evidences witnessing not in favor of the executive. Preventive measure is under discussion currently.

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