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18 arrested in Greece on child pornography charges after 4-month investigation

Date: October 11, 2010

ATHENS, GREECE (BNO NEWS) -- The Greek police on Friday announced the arrest of 18 people allegedly involved in a child pornography ring comprising 117 Greek and foreign users.

Officers from Greek cybercrime department worked for four months in a operation launched after complaints from several children's relatives, police said.

Those arrested, 16 Greeks and two foreigners aged between 28 to 55 years, had hundreds of Internet customers in 170 countries after publishing thousands of websites containing child pornography, sex between adults and children from 8 months to 10 years, and hundreds of pictures of tortured babies.

Among those allegedly involved in the network include businessmen, military, lawyers, a filmmaker, a teacher and an artist.

So far, authorities have been confiscated in 43 Greek cities about 308 hard drives, 39 computers and several CDs and DVDs

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