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Discussion : A new kind of telephone scam: phishing

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2006-09-23 14:23:11 -
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2006-09-20 20:05:49 -
Oh my goodness they keep calling.. what do I do. grr.

2006-09-20 18:17:53 - Cassidy
Well i know that i dont have Chase and i got called everyday for the past three days three times a day! i am not answering! no way.

2006-09-20 18:13:36 -
I have just recently gotten 2 phone calls today from 1-800-555-0433. I did not answer it because I never answer to 800 phone calls. Well after the second time they called I decided to look it up online, and I'm glad that I did. I even went as far as calling a local Chase bank and I asked them if they had a number such as this one, they told me not that they know of.

2006-09-13 15:03:40 - max
CALL CHASE FRAUD LINE - 800-727-7375

2006-09-13 15:01:21 - RODNEY B.
These Bastards call me on my cellphone at least 3 times a day. IT'S NOT CHASE BANK !

2006-09-10 17:30:37 - xooo13i
I received a call from the 1-800-555-0433 and they said my account was overdrawn with Chase. They said i needed to pay $303.32. One: I don't bank with Chase. Two: Why would i bank with them if they are competition to the bank I work at.

it's definitely a scam to get money.

2006-08-30 18:31:25 -
It's not a scam, my account was really overdrawn and CHASE called me from that number, I guess the people are just nasty.

2006-08-23 15:59:01 - kona
Call from same number 1-800-555-0433 said my checking account was overdrawn and that I needed to pay $455.37 in order to square up. Would I like to settle with a phone check?

It's a scam for sure. I don't even have a chase checking account.

I thanked him and wished him better luck on his next phishing expedition.

2006-08-16 20:19:04 - Verret
The same number called me and said they were Chase bank and my account was overdrawn. When I told them that wasn't possible they asked me to spell my name and then got very rude and hung up.

2006-07-11 21:08:36 -
I got a telephone call on my answering machine today from: 1-800-555-0433 1 that seemed odd.

When I called they said it was about an important message and did not tell me what it was - but they did ask me to give them information of a private nature.

Is this a scam, or is someone from Chase really needing to talk to me about something but not communicating it properly?

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