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Discussion : Microsoft vs Linux

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2005-11-02 13:13:44 -
I like this blog!

2005-10-08 14:31:19 -
The comment in the article
"One other thing that hasn’t been taken into account is that 1 hour of downtime for a Windows system is 3 to 4 times more expensive than for a Linux downtime"

Well of course, who would run something expensive or Business critical on a Linux System when I cannot hold a company responsible for support, or when ther are so many variations. As a business owner, I want someone accountable, one source, easy support, compatible across the board.

And as for Viruses, the biggest boy on the block always gets targetted the most. I cannot beleive the tunnel vision writers and columist get. Linux is still shrinking, MS is still growing. MS is too big though, I would prefer a new Player, and paying for something worth having is not an issue, not having ownership of it or tonsof owners (community) doesn't help me, and doesn't help my business.

Total 2 comments
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