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Discussion : PayPal scam

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2007-01-31 16:23:25 -
I keep getting this e-mail, saying someone has been accessing my account, changing the e-mail address. The link takes me to pay pal, asks me to log in. what comes next looks like your typical signup form.

I bypassed the info and told to login to my account. I asked it to send me my "password". I haven't received a reply, yet.

"Changes" to my account were made yesterday. Funny, I remember signing up in the first place.

2005-11-15 14:49:33 -
Since getting Tiscali BB I get at least 1 phishing paypal e-mail per week. I also get them from barclays bank and Wells-Fargo.
They are very convincing.
I have tried to paste malicious software into the forms to take them down, but it doesn't seem to work.
I have tried both Windows and Linux BSOD code.
The only way to defend agiants cyber attack is to hit back, with EXTREEM PREDUJICE

Total 2 comments
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