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Discussion : Canadian teen hacker reveals secrets in tell-all book

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2008-10-11 04:13:15 -
!15 year old hacks into etc and writes a book about it????
What were the over=paid lame brainers who were in charge of IT security doing?
It looks as if the 15 year old should be hired to teach the lusers how to do their job!
I am sick and tired of such stories. As soon as he was discovered he should have been taken down, easy, no cast, even the software is FREE!
Any attempt to hack into a system should be countered by taking the buggers down, If they use Windoze, FDISK-ing them is simple.

In any war situation, attack is the best form of defence and after all the Geneva convention doesn't apply in cyberspace so you can have as much phun as you like at the hacker's expense!

Total 1 comments
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