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Date: March 09, 2007

Kim Tae-mun, a 26-year-old college student, found himself swindled out of 600,000 won (US$633) last December when he tried to buy a camera online.

He ordered the digital camera on an Internet site and paid the money to the bank account listed on the site. However, the camera never arrived at his house. He called the site’s operator, who merely made flimsy excuses. Kim sought help from the police, but they told him it would take time. Kim decided to try to deal with the fraud on his own. He thought there might be more people that had been swindled by the same site or its operators, so he opened an online cafe aimed at gathering such stories. A total of ten people joined the cafe, and through their stories of fraud, the dots were connected and a 23-year-old student living in central Seoul was uncovered as the criminal. When confronted, he promised to pay for the damages he had inflicted.
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