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Discussion : Local man connected to Internet fraud scheme

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2010-07-08 23:31:27 - JD
I find it quite entertaining that Caitlin Makary comes on here and says crap about Michael Deppe when she was a bitch herself in middle school. But the kicker is she says some people are just thieves when he own mother stole from a defenseless boy scout troop... net you backed her up on that one didn't you?

2006-09-14 19:18:55 -
ok im a st.john's student, and im a fresham. i was told by my seminar teacher that deppe attended and graduated this school. its a catholic preparatory school, and i dont understand how somebody instilled with those values of hard work and getting into college could go so wrong. i just dont understand it. he probably got ahead of himself, but he could have made millions legitly because he's a smart guy, according to my teacher who had him as a student and a hockey player, he was coached by my teacher. he made a big mistake, we all make mistakes, just not this big. as a st. john's student i feel it would be horrible to say bad about him. there's a brotherhood at st. john's, and i would never break that. I just wished he hadn't made those mistakes.

2006-04-01 19:55:02 -
I knew Mike Deppe in middle school, he may have been a "good guy" to his friends, but he was nothing but rude and sarcastic to others. My boyfriend was robbed of over $600 dollars in an internet scam exactly like this when he tried to buy a camera for school (he is a photographer). It has nothing to do with "being a little more careful" and everything to do with the fact that some people are just thieves. Mike Deppe might as well have broken into these people's houses and taken their money, just because he did it over the internet does not make it better. He deserves whatever sentence they give him.

2006-01-31 13:27:07 - rev
Andrew your not to honest yourself

2006-01-07 01:25:50 -
deppe is a good guy all of you are nothing but fools.
next time be alittle more carefull

2005-12-24 02:45:09 - rev
Deppe has New Scam, New Arrest, New Address.
Michael Deppe charged for online fraud Again.

Thursday, December 15, 2005
A Hudson man awaiting trial on federal fraud charges has been accused of spending his free time conning eBay customers into buying new model Corvettes he never delivered.

Michael Deppe, 21, of 19 Old Stow Road, had his $150,000 bail revoked in U.S. District Court in Worcester earlier this month after it was alleged at a detention hearing that he had tricked two eBay customers into paying him $6,090 and $7,500 each for Chevrolet Corvette Z06s.

Deppe also is accused of violating other conditions of his bail, such as using a computer, illegal gambling and not keeping a job.

Chief Magistrate Judge Charles B. Swartwood III ordered Deppe held at Donald D. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, R.I. Swartwood wrote in a memo that he took a risk letting Deppe out on bail and warned him in March that his every move would be watched.

"They’re going to be watching like hawks....If you make one slip you’re going to be back in here."

Deppe is accused of engaging in a "mirror image" of several of the schemes he has been charged with.

According to court documents, after Deppe failed to keep a job as a car salesman at local dealerships, he contacted eBay bidders who lost online auctions for Corvette Z06s. Three men called him and Deppe made a deal with each that he would deliver the sports car in a month if they sent the cash to his PayPal account, an online payment service for eBay users.

One diligent Colorado buyer, however, researched Deppe’s background and then backed out of the deal. The other less-fortunate buyers were a Colorado man who paid $6,090 and a California man who paid $7,500. Both were reimbursed by their credit card company, which then sought reimbursement from PayPal.

According to Swartwood the price Deppe charged for the Corvettes included deposits and commissions of $3,000 and $4,000.

Earlier this year, Deppe was indicted on multiple charges of mail and wire fraud for two schemes, one in which he allegedly made $255,000 selling Super Bowl tickets over eBay and the other by which he allegedly made $115,000 selling Rolex watches on eBay, then delivered empty boxes. Deppe was not formally charged in the Corvette schemes.

After pleading not guilty last March, Deppe was released on a bail for both cases. As a condition of his release, Deppe was ordered not to use a computer or have access to one.

But Deppe found a way around that, according to court documents. When Deppe’s wife, Jessica, was buying a $695,000 house in Hudson, the mortgage officer told authorities Deppe was using the mortgage company’s computer.

Jessica Deppe, a recent Framingham State College graduate, bought their home at 19 Old Stow Road in October and financed the entire purchase with two mortgages from Argent Mortgage Company, according to documents on file at the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds.

Deppe also allegedly gambled illegally while out on bail. Last August, Deppe told Hudson Police he had bet on 12 baseball games and now was being threatened by a debt collector trying to collect $107,000. Deppe claimed he owed $70,000.

Deppe also came up short trying to find a job. He started work at four car dealerships, but his employment lasted from one day up to a few weeks. Deppe told the court he lost the jobs when his employers discovered the charges against him.

Deppe’s lawyer, Steven Rappaport, admitted in a memo that the government has collected "very strong evidence" for the Rolex fraud. But, in regards to the Super Bowl ticket fraud, the case will boil down to a duel of credibility between Deppe and his former partner, William Englehart, "who had the motive, means and opportunity" to commit the crime, Rappaport wrote.

Rappaport has filed a motion requesting the two fraud schemes be tried as separate cases. If they were tried together, Rappaport reasoned, there could be a "spillover effect" and the jury might perceive Deppe as a "dishonest man." No trial date has been set.

2005-04-18 21:45:24 -
My boyfriend was defrauded by this sleazebag. Why is he out in the streets again?? Is he being watched????

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