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Discussion : Microsoft will sell security for windows

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2006-02-09 15:04:59 -
One last thought Bill, after all the holes you have made in Windows to gain advertising dollars. Microsoft comes along offering to sell a subscription to block the holes it created in the first place.

How can computer users trust the Microsoft Security Software. Bill are you going to make holes in the security system so we are inundated with advertising ads from companies handing you money. It seems even with a pop up stopper in place, Internet Explorer is capable of sending ads with the title "Microsoft...".

Well we know how much you are to be trusted with security!

2006-02-09 14:55:39 -
The gall Bill Gates has to sell security for Windows after opening the gate for popups and spyware attacks. Bill and company have been saying that they are working to improve Windows security problems with patches and updates. Now beside paying for the Windows Operating System, Bill wants us to pay for the security that should have been built into the Windows product from the beginning. Shame on you Bill.

P.S. I became enraged watching you gloating on television that the IRS requires multiple computers to process his personal income taxes. After giving us the screw job stop the gloating!!!

Total 2 comments
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