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Discussion : John Ashcroft's Remarks on Operation Web Snare

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2005-03-25 06:22:41 -
Sir,its still going,and you have yet to send the calvary.We have enough for you to attack,making your first strike,a very serious blow.Only you can deliver the pounding needed to make these assholes think.They then and only then will understand the definition of their unholy terror.AKB 415-759 0840.Thankyou,and Godbless you,and all of yours....... George W is the only man for the job.Red davis"s henchmen are still at the helm in sacramento califonia.......

2004-09-14 14:57:41 -
we are being frauded as we speak.they are wiping out our computers daily.we are in folsom california.they have fowarded out our phones,cleaned out are bank accounts,being sued by realestate frauder,our prior attorney forged a judges signature on a property injuction.person in da"s only wanted original docs our attorney had done.but always wanted to meet my wife somewhere.he said the da does not do county thats the sherrifs dept.alot of the people that have appeared are italian from new york...we have enough information to bring these animals to there knee"s.they have stolen everything,corporation,and personal fraud,bank,computer,identity,realestate,consumer,(torture)total inondation of your life and ultimate destruction.we have dirty cop"s,da"s office,superior court,these animals have someone everywhere.anthony barbaria 1521 freswick drive folsom california.916-496-7231(7232)(7233)(7234)good luck getting a hold of the real us.they even blok our emails.i have never been arrested,but look me up and see things that could not possibly be please...we are out of time...and yes we are republicans....

Total 2 comments
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