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Date: March 08, 2007

A Georgia man was arrested in a scam conducted partly over JDate in which a total of some $1 million was taken from at least 10 women.

Hillard Jay Quint, also known as Matthew Goldstein, was arrested last month and his bail was set last Friday at $175,000. Quint, 42, a disbarred lawyer, allegedly met women over Internet dating sites such as JDate and, courted them assiduously and lied about his assets. Victims said his boasts included owning a Hummer, being a millionaire and buying a jet.

Quint, who was raised in a Conservative household and observes the High Holidays, according to the Baltimore Sun, then allegedly duped the women into giving him money. One Baltimore woman gave him $150,000 from the sale of her home on the assumption that it was being put toward a horse farm they were buying together on the West Coast.
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