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Cybercrime in Russia on the rise

Date: March 08, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

The number of computer crimes committed via the Internet in Russia increased to 13 thousands in 2004, said Boris Miroshnikov, Chief Officer of the Bureau of Special Technical Measures of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Russia. He added at the briefing at the Ministry of Information and Communiacation on Thursday.

He said that about 11 thousand of crimes involving computer technologies were registered in Russia in 2003.

Boris Miroshnikov also stated that in 2004 police managed to stop the recent years' trend of double increase of cybercrime in Russia for the first time. He said that an estimated annual damage brought by cybercrimes all over the world was above $40 billion.

As he noted, police turned successful to lower the growth rate of cybercrime in Russia in many respects due to joint efforts of all interested bodies and departments, and also owing to efficient international cooperation in the sphere of security assurance of information communication systems. He also mentioned a tendency of growth of a role of state in coordination of actions to maintain information security favours this process.

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