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Discussion : London in child porn avalanche

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2005-09-16 13:26:59 -
Just to say hellow!

2005-03-08 18:57:56 -
It is all well and good that law enforcement track down those downloading child pornography but I don't see the same intensity directed towards the MAKERS of such filth.

If you tackle the root of the problem then there wouldn't be any sites these "perverts" could download in the first place.

Methinks some, if not most, pornographers are well placed in certain economic-political circles or know the "right people" to protect them from prosecution. After all, this stuff makes a lot of money for a lot of people and money can buy protection and obscurity.

The ultimate test of a moral society is not the momentary satisfaction of reactionary policies but the permanent committment of placing principles above profit. Such views are seen by some as naive but that is primarily because defining them as such comforts those unwilling to make that committment.

Chase down and punish the guy holding the camera with equal fury as the guy surfing the net in his home and/or office.

Total 2 comments
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