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From MS Anti-Spam to Vaccines

Date: March 07, 2005
Source: Beta News
By: Nate Mook

Microsoft Research announced last week that anti-spam technology has been used to create more effective vaccine designs for HIV. Such machine learning techniques could have a broad impact on biologogical research in the coming years, and BetaNews sat down with Microsoft's Nebojsa Jojic> to find out more about his team's work.

BetaNews: To start, tell us a little bit about the project and its goals.

Nebojsa Jojic: At a high level, what we are trying to do is use our machine learning techniques to sift through data that we have from our biologist collaborators and discover patterns in HIV strains. That has consequences in vaccine design. It turns out that several of the algorithms we've built for different applications including computer vision (analysis of photographs and textual messages like e-mails) have direct application to these sorts of problems.

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