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Discussion : Online dating scam in the US

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2007-03-18 15:10:18 -
In this day and age of con artists hiding behind Internet identities while trolling for marks, the dating scam is becoming more and more common. Thankfully, there is now a new weapon, never before available to the general public, that can be used to unmask these scammers and fraud artists.

As you know, the main hook in the online dating scam is the series of increasingly delightful photos attached to successive emails. We at "Internet Mugbooks" have created a dynamically searchable central repository or electronic "mug book" for these same pictures and made it easier for potential targets to both protect themselves and warn others. The Online Dating Mug Book has been designed for easy use by even a novice internet searcher. Just go to the site:

and follow the simple instructions to upload the image you received as an attachment or that you found displayed on a dating site. Our system will analyze the photo and within seconds, if a match is already in the system, the corresponding picture record will be displayed, along with notation of whether the picture is know to be used in online dating fraud.

If the exact picture is not in the system, it is added to the database. At the same time, you can request a search for any likely matches based on a checklist of criteria, so that you need not wade through the entire mug book on the off chance that a different picture of the same person has already been registered.

Now this is the best part .... the image you upload need not be currently used in dating scams. When adding a photo to the mug book, you can ask to be notified if it is ever identified in the future as being used in connection with Internet dating fraud. This way, you are automatically warned if more information becomes available later.

Knowledge shared is power increased. This is a public service information site that is constantly improved and updated by your input. Lets build this service together, and put as many fraud artists as possible where they belong .... out of business!

A Donation Button is located on the top right hand corner of each page. Considering the time, money and embarrassment the system can save you, we feel you might be inclined to donate a reasonable sum in order to keep the site running and expanding.
Looking forward to your visit,

The Staff

2006-11-14 21:47:58 -
I am posting about this guy on my site:

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