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Date: September 06, 2007
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Post-codes confirm London as UK’s hottest card fraud Hot Spot

Local evidence pinpoints CNP fraud growth across the country

It’s official: London remains the Internet fraud capital of Britain.
Reliable new data - gathered over the last year by tracking delivery addresses of fraudulently obtained goods - paint a vivid post-code picture of rising fraud.

With an increase of around 22% in national Internet card crime, Early Warning’s latest Fraud Map confirms London, Manchester, Coventry, Kilmarnock and Bristol as sustaining significantly more fraudulent transactions than elsewhere. Greater London easily heads the list. The data can pinpoint streets where card crime is most intense, suggesting SE18, including parts of Thamesmead on London’s South Eastern fringes, could be a candidate for the Card Fraud Capital of Europe. Outside London, Northampton and Stockport, last year denoted as ‘amber’ areas but predicted to make the top ten, have rapidly turned ‘red’.
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