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Discussion : Zambia set to pass cybercrime law

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2005-09-02 18:09:32 -
Good blog with interesing information!

2005-04-30 16:34:19 -
I feel this bill needs to get back on the table and do proper consultations with institutions like Computer Society of Zambia, e-brain etc to come-up with the most effective - Computer Crime Bill before it goes to debate in Parliament. Chileshe

2004-09-12 23:04:50 -
A far more effective solution would be a law making software manufacturers liable for damages due to buggy code and poor practices that allow the hackers in. Such a law would need to prevent EULAs from providing exemption. Hackers almost never get caught and when they do, the damage still is done and the end-user suffers while Microsoft makes billions of dollars.

Total 3 comments
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