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Boynton Beach man arrested for child porn

Date: July 06, 2009

David Oberst has been arrested and charged with five counts of Possession of Material Depicting Sexual Performance of a Child.

The arrest comes after a joint investigation by the Special Victims Unit (Sexual Predator Enforcement), of the State Attorney’s Office, the Boca Raton Police Department and the Boynton Beach Police Department. The sexual predator enforcement effort uses a sophisticated computerized data-mining and tracking program to identify, investigate and prosecute “super-predators” who are abusing children in Palm Beach County.

5 Counts of Possession of Material Depicting Sexual Performance of a Child is a third degree felony which carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison per count.

Detectives were working undercover searching for people distributing and possessing child pornography in Palm Beach County. Using an Internet Crimes Against Children database, Detectives located an IP address which had logged numerous hits over the last several months in sharing child pornography. Detectives requested and received a search warrant for the suspect’s home. Law enforcement located the defendants computers in his home and discovered five instances of images detecting child pornography.

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