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Date: March 06, 2007
Source: The Inquirer

The USA Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center – DC3 in its slang – freely admits it could use a helping hand from the private sector when it comes to sorting through data.

Speaking in Washington DC, Special Agent (Retired) Jim Christy, Director of Futures Exploration for DC3, said investigators have their hands full in processing all the digital media out of a single household, with current typical "take" of around a terabyte of data. In a typical investigation when they get a search warrant, DC3 grabs everything that's digital, including new and old hard drives, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, GPSes, game consoles, flash media cards, cameras, DVRs, plus the DVDs and CDs – you never know what might be hidden in the music collection. "How many old phones do you have laying around? You don’t just throw them out. How many memory sticks?" Christy asked. "Old floppies?"
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