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2005-03-09 22:33:39 - Maureen
There is no way to protect information; no software or hardware configuration, platform ,etc. will ever work.

Someday the real security solution will be miraculously discovered: paper records filed in metal file cabinets under lock and key.

2005-01-06 22:15:41 -
9/11 demonstrated that security is all-to-often taken for granted ... and that must stop!

Today’s “internal controls” are anything but secure. Recent SOX, HIPAA and other regulations are political improvements but only provide “voodoo” security as none of them has any teeth to protect the US citizens.
Every organization’s “C-level” executive team should fear their foreseeable password related vulnerabilities ... but these managers continue to separate themselves from the IT challenges they should hit head on. Leaders incorrectly keeping their head in the sand or thinking that cyber crime threats could never possibly happen to their organizations is very similar to the way our US officials got sloppy dropping our defenses that allowed 9/11 to occur.
Record levels of “internal breaches and external attacks” continue to occur and there are tools to help prevent these threats and provide low-cost solutions.
Only with true, trusted authentication & identification of employees / 3rd party associates and locking down information assurance challenges has to require the use of fingerprint (or other biometrics) technologies,
Please research these technologies. Really tell the truth as no one has properly educated the marketplace. Hopefully your expertise can raise the security awareness and allow technology to reduce costs, improve user experience and secure our country’s valuable assets.

Dave Kern
Rockwood Security Solutions

Total 2 comments
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