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Nowhere to hide from Internet scams

Date: December 05, 2006

"Within a short period of time, computers have become an intrinsic and essential part of everyday life, and as a result there is a huge potential for monetary gains by malware writers," said Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs and product development. "As we see sophisticated techniques on the rise, it's becoming increasingly hard for the general user base to identify or avoid malware infections."

In July 2006, McAfee released protection for the 200,000th threat in its database. It expects the 300,000th threat to be identified by the end of 2007.

Marshal's Threat Research and Content Engineering (TRACE) team says that phishing emails increased from 0.4 percent of total spam in November 24 to 2.2 percent on December 1. "This signifies the highest level of phishing emails since July 2006," according to TRACE, and a tripling of the average phishing email rates over the last six months.
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