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Discussion : Windows Vista Virus

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2009-04-02 00:42:49 -
ya. i also like to know how to write virus shell programs. can you tell me please.....

2008-10-04 11:23:17 -
Please tell me how to write a viruse and to attack after writing it.

2008-07-06 18:19:35 -
vista virüs bozuk anladım

2008-03-12 15:09:37 - Jim
Actually, Chris, there are no known OSX virus. Only proof of concept and even at that the user had to be sent to a carefully scripted website and allow the "cracker" into the OS. Anti-virus software is still being made for OSX simply to make money and the possibility that an OSX virus may someday exist in the wild. Which is of course possible but also very difficult to do because of root permisssions etal.

2008-03-12 00:54:00 -
Yes OS X can get viruses, Peter, but the viruses only work when they have root privileges, which are disabled by default in OS X.

2007-12-30 10:09:37 -
lol vista is a lot easier to program with than mac and if macv osx is so great how come they have a anti virus checker ???? that means they can get viruses :/

2007-08-17 07:25:23 -
That's right. If everyone used MacOS X, we probably wouldn't have any major virus problems. Vista is only a bad copy of MacOS X anyway. Almost all of their "new" features in Vista has been around a long time in the Mac world. They just switched the names to avoid lawsuit (widgets/gadgets etc).

2007-08-03 12:56:15 -
Wrong Wayne. A Mac is secure because of his system: the os X.

2007-03-01 08:59:08 - wayne
Whether you are using a MAC or not has nothing to do with this. A MAC is a form of hardware. That be like someone saying I bought bad GAS at Shell, and you saying thats why I buy Dodge. See how ignorant that makes you sound?

2007-02-07 09:01:36 - Richard
This is why we only implement MAC systems in the office.

Total 10 comments
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