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Discussion : Child porn: Russian man sentenced

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2005-06-09 20:32:08 - Drifter
I think it's absolutely hillarious how complete and total morons fault Bush for every stupid non-existant thing that piles up like some sort of liberal rubbish snowball effect, in the back of their tiny, dusty, dark cavern like skulls. Paul Wesley Gannello is a perfect example of how the internet can spread such fiction, and warped attitudes across the world. But no, I don't blame him... I blame the idiotic sheep that even have to think twice to see if that is complete nonsense or not. Much like the F911 Moore flop. How people always tie the U.S. and Bush into things... I don't know. What I do know is..... nomatter who the U.S. president is, they are always hated, much like the U.S. in general. People always have to blame somebody other than themselves... why not the U.S. president? Pfffft... f'in morons.

Free speech is speech! It's just that. It's not "Lets go take images of a crime in progress, and capitolize on it". Are your heads that far up your a*ses? Speech is text, written, spoken.

Blame both sides, the perp, and the people that condone and demand the material.

But dont forget about the victims!

F'in moron... can't believe idiots like that exist on this planet that is falling apart because of morons like that... geeeeezus

2005-06-07 18:33:48 -
Don't fault the man sentenced for the distributing of
child porn from Ekaterinburg, Russia because he was
trying to make some money; No, fault him for not having safeguards in place that would have alerted him
in time to move his operations against a Bush inspired
world wide attempt to defeat totally free speech in
America and on this planet.
American Demcratic Colonialism, or ADC as I call it
will ultimately fail and we all should learn that we
cannot and should not police the world!
America needs to get back to home and "fix" our own
problems that we have!!

God bless the United States of America,

Paul Wesley Gannello

2005-06-06 10:59:54 -
it's quite ludicrous to hear a man encouraging sexual abuse on the part of kids i must confess more judgement should still be pronounced on him,even beyond this earthly one which had already been sentenced.

Total 3 comments
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