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Cyber Crime on the Rise in Spain

Date: October 04, 2010
By: Ashley Timmons

Authorities in Malaga, Spain, have reported that child pornography and fraud account for more than half of cyber crime, Euro Weekly reports.

Since its creation more than 18 months ago, the Computer Crime Service of Malaga Public Prosecutor’s Office has investigated almost 500 crimes. More than half of cases were related to fraud and the possession or distribution of child pornography. The remaining cases involved mainly slander, coercion and threats.

Despite frequent warnings, many people are tricked by phishing scams to steal bank passwords and false job offers. The victim is asked to give an account number, which is then used for money-laundering purposes.

As many of these scams are based in foreign nations, they are extremely difficult to investigate and catching the perpetrators is a challenge. In the case of child porn, the consumers and distributors are often caught, but the criminals who abuse children remain anonymous.

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