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Phishing goes from one source

Date: August 04, 2006
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Millions of phishing emails are bombarding UK firms from one source, according to security experts.

BlackSpider Technologies says a single botnet controls more than 20,000 distinct IP addresses.

The botnet began sending out phishing emails on Sunday, with subject lines invariable referring to either NatWest or Bank of Scotland. Within 24 hours more than 8.1 million emails were sent, according to BlackSpider.

James Kay, CTO of BlackSpider Technologies, told "In security terms, phishing attacks are nothing new. What we're not used to seeing, however, is such a high volume of phishing emails being directed by one source.

"Given the sheer number of emails involved in this attack, a lot of people could end up being duped and out of pocket."
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