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Discussion : Christians call for national boycott of Student RFIDs

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2005-08-08 04:37:30 - devoted
Radiation emissions is a great concern,
many do not realise that RF is actually Microwaves.

Long before RFID cames out - they needed a tested network to RUN the RFID on - that was the already builr and tested Cellular Phone networks. . Amazingly some churches have bypassed thier board and added the antennas on thier own roof tops to raise additional funds for the church, however the microwaves that people are absorbing are not healthy. Some say RF radiation at church is only one or two times a week, but for the Pastor, the secretary, the homes around the buidling with the antennas on the roof, its more then one day a week radiation. Read up Pastors
This issue has been ignored by so many churches it is increadable. Aids and Tobacco were announced to be fatal- the people dropped like flies and people kept on doing it - even with the warnings and the knowledge, but from evidence, studies world wide - RF / Microwaves will never be "safe" to use. There are hundreds of independant studies on RF and they alter many functions and behavious. So.. RFID is out of the question for more then obvious reasons, but will more people read up on this subject before its too late?, I pray that you will.
RF, also known as EMF - electromagnetic frequency is in the news all the time but few know what it is and pass by. The answers are there if you have the time to read it. Take care and do intense research on the subject, its well worth the time

2005-04-04 17:22:08 -
These people take the chips out.

2005-04-04 16:18:07 -
Great work to get front news headlins with RFID. has post the story. ZombieWire is also a San Diego base. RFID consumer News

Total 3 comments
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