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Singapore to fight cyberterrorism

Date: March 04, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

Singapore law enforcement start a wide-scale action to counteract cyberterrorism. It will be a 3-year program with a $ 23 million budget, Reuters informs.

In his Friday speech, vice prime minister Tony Tan said that the plan involves raising awareness of cyber threats, developing a pool of security professionals skilled in combating cyber terrorism, and establishing the Cyber-Threat Monitoring Center.

The new center, which will likely be operational by the end of 2006, will team up with companies that provide antivirus programs and governments with similar centers, like Canada, the United States, and Australia (Reuters).

In addition, the government plans to develop more secure authentication processes, which will offer protection to parties conducting transactions online. The plan is designed to offer better security, not just for government facilities but for home computers and businesses as well, since cyber criminals are now targeting small businesses and home users as opposed to just government infrastructure and facilities (AFP).

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