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The Reshipping Scam

Date: January 04, 2005
By: Ed McKinley

... uniform, made the delivery.

Fake cashier’s checks

Once the recipient received the package and paid the tax, Miskell and two uniformed officers armed with AK-47s converged on the suspect to make the arrest. All told, the team arrested 17 and seized $1 million in fraudulently obtained merchandise and $2.5 million in bogus cashier’s checks. Prosecutions are under way, and Miskell anticipates returning to Nigeria to testify.

That kind of work, though only a beginning in the face of growing online crime, has prompted the Merchant Risk Council’s Fergerson to praise Miskell. “He puts his life on the line to fight e-commerce fraud,” she says. In fact, the Merchant Risk Council’s 15-member board of directors, which includes online merchants and vendors, picked Miskell as the first recipient of The Merchant Risk Council Law Enforcement Award. The FBI has recognized Miskell’s accomplishments, promoting him to head of a cyber crimes team based in Birmingham, Ala.

Miskell credits the Merchant Risk Council and IC3 with bringing together the information to make the arrests possible. Combining reports from multiple sources has allowed the groups to “learn and grow together,” Miskell says.

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