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Cybercrime ignored

Date: September 03, 2007

Nearly half of small companies think that cybercrime is an issue for larger enterprises, according to a new survey.

The study of 600 IT managers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe found that 47 per cent of respondents assumed that they were too small for criminals to bother attacking them.

The research, carried out by polling company ICM, found that 58 per cent of European SMEs were simply 'not concerned' about becoming victims of cybercrime, despite almost three quarters (73 per cent) of them citing online access and availability as being critical to their businesses.

According to Greg Day, senior security analyst at anti-virus firm McAfee who commissioned the survey, internet criminals don't discriminate when it comes to the size of businesses they target.

"Every SME, even very small ones, will have customer details or financial information that will be of use to a cyber criminal," said Day.
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