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Centrino wireless flaws

Date: August 03, 2006
By: Robert Jaques

Intel has admitted to the existence of flaws in its Centrino's wireless technology that could be exploited by malicious hackers to spread code, including worms, wirelessly between laptops.

According to a statement by Intel, the security vulnerabilities exist in the Microsoft Windows drivers for certain versions of their Wireless Network Connection hardware.

“Security vulnerabilities exist in the Microsoft Windows drivers for the Intel 2200BG and 2915ABG PRO/Wireless Network Connection Hardware because of the way that they currently handle certain frames. An attacker could potentially exploit these vulnerabilities which could potentially lead to remote code execution and system control,” Intel stated.

The firm added that these vulnerabilites which “could potentially be exploited by attackers within range of the Wi-Fi station to execute arbitrary code on the target system with kernel-level privileges. These flaws are due to a memory corruption while parsing certain frames”.

Although Intel has published generic updates to its software, which reportedly fix the issue on its website, the company recommends that users contact their laptop manufacturers for vendor-specific information and fixes.
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