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Discussion : Child porn in Britain

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2005-07-12 00:55:42 -
Joseph, you are a moron.

2005-07-06 21:49:41 -
I usually refrain from making comment in these types of forums, but after reading the two responses I was compelled to reply.

Landslide and subsequent investigaitons were successful in identifying and prosecuting thousands of individuals who were in actual possession of child pornography. As hard as it is to refrain from commenting without the actual facts, the allegation that "dozens" of individuals were wrongfully prosecuted for their involvement in the Landslide investigation is of little consequence when you consider the impact of child pornography on our youth. Every time a photograph of a victimized youth is displayed, downloaded, archived, etc you revictimize that person. In addition, any moron can purchase evidence eliminating software that will cover their tracks in the event that they suddenly encounter a bout of conscience.

To the men and women of law enforcement........keep up the good work. The world is a better place because of you.

2005-07-06 19:08:49 -
I completely agree. This is horrific. The self righteous pundits that started this mess should be prosecuted themselves. Child Pornography is horrible and perpetrators should be taken to the courts, but Law Enforcement in the U.S. and across the world have a responsibility to ensure valid evidence is collected prior to making it public. God Bless the families (Men, Women, and Children) who have suffered at the hands of unrighteous prosecution.

2005-07-04 17:25:20 -
As an American citizen, I personnaly want to apologize to all of these people, based on the "Great American Investigatory Methods." My question is this, when will Americans wake up to what is going on, and when will the world tell America to Butt out. Brittons have every right to be so angry at our government in perpetrating this horrible offense to their people. How many homes were broken, how many children's hearts broken because Daddy is not at home. These same tactics are used in our Country. And I am sick of it. Thanks for giving me this time to express my views.

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