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Discussion : Internet Crimes Against Children Exploding

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2006-06-18 12:14:23 - Fanta
well well as we can see why taa and childseek are going at it again all because judy got her panties in a bundle and cant seem to get them undone so now she is blaming anything and Everything on Taa for Her Mess Up. Why dont everyone stop and think Now if Taa has done Anything Wrong wouldnt you think the FEDS would Handle this But NOOOOOOOOOO Childseek has to do her Dirty work and try to get Every Last Missing Kids SHUTDOWN including TAA and Others.


2006-06-15 11:23:10 - sugarbella
I would like to personally apologize to Mike Craig of Canines 4 Kids. He does not have anything to do with Jim Beistle. Jim Beistle is a fraud and continues to use Mike Craig's reputation to further his own.

I am truly sorry if I have caused Mike any pain.

2006-06-14 20:06:30 - William Bailey
I have read over your dialogue here and am disturbed by what I have read. I know for a fact since I have met Mike Craig that he is in the bussiness of training dogs to find missing Kids. While I was training with him, I assited in the training of a bloodhound named Tucker. Also while I was there I put that dog on a plain and sent it to Hawaii. If you go to thier web site you will see Tucker. He is real and my dog is real. I know you have mistaken Canineforkids web site as a fraud. I have sent an email to you in Ma. to prove I am real also. I understand Mike Craigs frustration with being linked to loser, but please double check your facts and correct your mistake before one life is lost due to ignorance. If you shut down the thiefs GREAT, but do not punish the innocent while being over zealous.

2006-06-07 01:01:36 - Jim Beistle Exploits Families
Losers. That's what TAA are.

Team Amber Alert has NOTHING to do with the real Amber Alert. They are a bunch of opportunists who prey upon grieving families and must be stopped through NONviolent ways. Anytime you see them online -- call them on it!! The best weapon is truth. Use it and use it vehemently!


2006-06-07 00:53:45 -
"I will take all remedies availble to us using the long arm statutes here in Texas."

But see I'm not in Texas Dumbass. And being that I have freedom of speech. Bite me.

2006-06-07 00:37:08 - My Brothers Keeper
"It should tell them that one day I may just show up to visit with you."
Wow! It takes a really stand up guy to threaten a woman. Next time you visit Joe Dawson come on down the road and threaten me. I eagerly anticipate nothing. Because you are all talk.
And now everyone do you see our point about these miscreants? They threaten and threaten and when they realize that we WILL NOT back down they threaten to sue. Sue for what you ask? Good question. Libel or Slander? Well then Mr. Beistle release your records as you are required to when asked and show us that you have nothing to hide. Any honest and rational organization would do so.

What initially turned me against you JIM was your blantant misuse of Jessica Lunsford's name. If you are so close to him as you claim then you have his cell phone number right? At least tell me what service it is on so I can verify it. Because I have spoken with Mr. Lunsford and funny thing is he doesn't know you. And why would I sign your "petition" when my home state Florida already has institued the provisions? I prefer to contact my Elected Officials about the issues. They are who are responsible for the legislation not YOU.

And if you would supply the Trademark number for Jessica's petition I would like to verify it. Alas, you have yet to do so.

One more thing: YOU ARE GOING DOWN!

2006-06-07 00:22:03 -
Bill Bailey -- I'm speaking ill of Mike "Twit" Craig.
[insert crickets chirping]

2006-06-07 00:17:16 -

Pathetic asses. Really now -- did you think you could get away with scamming families and get away with it? Silly little twits.

You write : "It should tell them that one day I may just show up to visit with you."

Shaking in my shoes. LOL. Alas, you bore me. Alas --you'll be out of business soon enough.

No more scamming families with lost loves. Sounds like a great plan.

You guys are such *douches*.


2006-05-24 19:53:18 -
Are you familiar with Dracut, Ma.? That should be near you. Speak with officer Bill Bailey. A word of advice. Don't speak ill of me.

2006-05-24 19:52:30 -
perverted justice harbors cyber criminals

cease and desist slander and libel against Team Amber Alert or myself. I have sent this to our investigators and forwared copies to Texas DPS,
Tracy is not what she pretends to be.I will take all remedies availble to us using the long arm statutes here in Texas.

Jim Beistle

2006-05-24 19:29:50 -
Obviously you are not as smart as you think you are. I am me. I am not Jim. Would you like to consult with the Attorney General of Hawaii or maybe the Federal prosecutor for the Roanoke area of Va. I have testified in Va. Federal court. We have donated three dogs to the State of Hawaii through the AG's office. I have a list of law enforcement officer's who have been through our school in NC. In case you do not know that is 21hrs from Texas.
As well, your friends who can look that up are morons. k9bite@ bellsouth .net belongs to me. Please refrain from making these errors in the future. Be sure to have them look into my background as well. It should tell them that one day I may just show up to visit with you. If it doesn't then they are not as smart as you give them credit for being.

2006-05-01 23:22:15 -
Thank you so much Sugarbella.

Jimmy is it getting tight?

2006-02-27 15:08:06 -
Mike Craig = Jim Beistle - belongs to Jim Beistle. (It's nice to have friends who know how to look these things up).

2006-02-27 15:07:06 -
Hi Mike,

It was me ~ and it's all common knowledge. You can look any of this information up on the internet and find it.


2006-02-20 19:24:18 -
I would like to know who wrote these statements and where they got their info from.

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