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2008-12-01 11:21:28 -

George Smith. Dir. Foreign Operations.

We address to you in hope, that you will help us to clear the created situation, in which the name of your bank - UNITED TRUST BANK LONDON is involved.
Already during two years, we order job with the people acting on behalf of your bank. It is mister JERRY BENSON - he it is represented by the lawyer UNITED TRUST BANK, it is mister BASIL JOHN - he it is represented by the bookkeeper UNITED TRUST BANK, it is madam PATRICIA CULLEY - she it is represented by the lawyer on protection of the rights of the women, and as many other people, which having created a site UNITED TRUST BANK enter the people in error with advantageous lotteries and appropriate(give) обманым by at the people the large sums of money. We one of them. For all this time, we having given in them обманым to actions, under pretext of any taxes, any certificates both certificates and other documents, have paid to them more than 250000,00 USD. And these people still continue unpunishedly to make the frauds and to deceive the people living and working in London. And site
UNITED TRUST BANK LONDON, which they have created:

http: // cc.htm

We hope, that our letter remain without attention.

2007-03-09 17:35:31 -
Hello. I am not certain this is safe at all, as I have been emailed by the place that has been identified as non-existant. Please help me with this! Thankyou"

info" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
To: "elizabeth barber"
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 14:32:41 +0100

Attn: Elizabeth Jean Barber ,

You request for the transfer of your inheritance has been received and the content of your letter was also noted. We the entire management of United Trust Bank commiserate with you and your family for the lose of your loved ones late Eng. Mark Barber and his wife and children. May their gentle souls find internal peace.

Referring to you ask for for the transfer of late Eng. Mark Barber' funds worth USD 11,200,000.00 {eleven million two hundred thousand United States Dollars only}we shall transfer the money to your bank account as soon as we receive the following documents from you.

Death Certificate of Late Mark Barber
Affidavit Of Claim from The High Court of London
Letter from the Probate Registry awarding the claim to you
Valid Identification {Passport or Driver’s license}
The above requirements must be provided and verified prior to the transfer of the funds to you. This is the basic standard practice of the United Kingdom as it deals with inheritance and please note that all terms and conditions relating to this claim must be applied. You can be rest assured that your transaction will be handled with high degree of professionalism and expertise hence customer satisfaction is our most priority.

Once again, accept our condolence.

Yours sincerely,

George Smith.

Dir. Foreign Operations,

United Trust Bank, London .



Total 2 comments
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