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Discussion : More than 100 000 websites with child porn

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2007-10-24 07:33:22 -
Excuse my language tooooo,all u motherf@ckers who say it doesnt hurt or why not f@uck you.Obviously you a mental case and have no idea what you talking about.This happend to a family member of mine and believe me it is a sick feeling if you see what those people go through day to day.It hurts me to see that humans can be so cruel.You do not have children to have sex with them or abuse them.And you you little 14 year old you too big for your shoes go play with a barbie or sumthing its coz of children like you that this world has such a "bright" future.READ YOUR BIBLE!!! We are suppose to love not hurt

2007-07-12 14:06:38 -
You guys are awesome i wish every single paedophile who watches, sends, or makes this disgusting degrating material is sent to jail for thee rest of their life!

2006-09-10 10:57:40 - unkn00wn
can some1 tell me some website where i can download some clips with child porn ?

2006-06-10 07:10:26 - Sickened and disgusted
Please pardon my language, but I don't have much ways to express. Those motherf**kers should not be arrested. Those web owners should be killed! As if porn wasn't bad enough! This is like the most extreme of all sins. Maybe, JUST maybe, if these people are executed, GOD MAY just have a LITTLE mercy on them on the Day of Judgement.

2006-06-03 11:11:44 -
all-rightim 14 and ive had sex over 12 times.and let me tell you , its the best thing in the world.

2006-05-01 01:10:27 - monk109
Molested as a kid and it wasn,t fun or plesurable you pervert and children don,t have the maturity to make those kinds of decisions. Their bodies arn,t even able to reproduce offspring so tell me how is child sex considered natural?

2005-10-22 05:15:25 -
It doesn't hurt kids? Something is definitely wrong with you and all you monsters out there who allow it.
And to the people who have the power to stop it but do nothing to stop it.

Imagine... even a search engine can fetch it for just anybody. How sad. Why aren't these websites locked?

If they are to be locked then they will not be viewed. When they are no longer viewed they will not earn. When the earning stops all these END. It's that simple.

We adults have the right to enjoy the pleasure of sex because we already know the difference between right and wrong. Kid's DON'T! Again... It's that simple.

I have my sins. But HURTING CHILDREN is a different thing. Have you people no shame? No code of honor? Please... Examine yourselves. Take pride in what little things we can do to help our race. Don't bring us further down than we already are.

2005-08-23 09:22:58 -
i wont seeing sexy girls

2005-05-11 12:49:14 - anonymous
enma you totally righ estupid and depravated are the americans whon as made more than on bilion dolars in this estupid industry please stop them from theirs roots because in many cases there is alway a top politician or invostor involved in those crimes agains children and the humanity

2005-05-01 21:34:13 - Emma
How can you say that? You obviously have an avested interest in child pornography. Child pornography is illegal for the very fact that paedophilia is not a victimless crime. Behingd every sick, degrading and vicious image you look at there is a child being mentally and physically scared. I suggeat you get are a sick fucker and i hope you die, i really hope you do!

2005-02-19 00:15:44 -
why not allow child porn it dosent hurt kids any way it gives them pleasure and why should adults fell the pleasure of sex and not kids and if you dont give personal info there is no risk so why is there a law aginst it

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