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Easy money on the Internet

Date: September 02, 2007

"Earn $2,000 a month." "Get rich from your living room!" "$30/hr at home."

Their methods are convincing, getting customers to invest thousands of dollars by telling them it's a no-muss, no-fuss operation.

And when their customers become frustrated over not seeing any income for months, they change names, skip town or both, sometimes leaving thousands of victims in the lurch.

Business-opportunity and work-at-home scams are growing, and investigators say they're targeting anyone who's attracted by the prospect of making quick money.

"They're proliferating," said Nancy Anger, assistant attorney general in Arizona.

The scams are growing for a number of reasons, but fraud experts say the Internet in particular has made it easier for the businesses orchestrating the scams to reach more people.

Scammers often will use pop-up advertisements to direct consumers to Web sites where they provide contact information. A few days later, the scammers may call the person and pitch a business opportunity.
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