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Discussion : Hacker breaks website

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2006-09-04 08:15:33 -
This is normal. there are only two things you can do.
1/ Have backup of web site available to restore and
2/ Improve your security.

And if you find who is doing ot, remember that when they connect to you You are Connected to them, so take the buggers down, no messing, identify positively and then use free public domain software to trash their PC.
Its no good going to the police, they will probably be from an Islamic terror supporting country.
I have suffered the same and have trashed two in Morocco and One in Iraq.
It was very easy to trash their HDs.
The internet is like the Wild West.
The wild west wasn't won by putting the waggons in a circle.
It was won by smallpox infected blankets and the uS Cavelry massacering the "Enemy."
Remember the Geneva Convention has no application to Cyberwar, which you are the victim of.
So my advice is to find someone who has the skills to "take Care" of your attackers in the most suitable way.
I am going on holiday, if not I could have given you a guide to build a Linux Attack PC, using scrap bits and install free software that would soon discourage your attackers.
As Nixon said "grab 'em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow."
The only solution to cyber jihadists is to take the buggers out. If they did happen to be in the UK, you need to give a legal warning about use of your site first.
My text>" Warning. you can only use this site for normal use. If you cause deliberate damage you agree to enter into an abuse relationship with the site owner, with you as the abusee and the owner as the abuser. You agree to take part in hacker games with the owner and agree to any damage to your systems that may result. This is final and no more warnings will be given.">>
One I had to send this to a University in Italy and I got a very nice grovelling apology from the University authorities.
Basically in the USA or EEC warn them first then take them out; outside the USA and the EEC just take them out.
The Police Serious Computer crime units will have no pull in either the countries that are most likley or amongst cyber jihadists groups.

The Internet is a wild place, you have to be Judge Jury, torturer, Executioner and Undertaker, all at once!

Total 1 comments
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