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Young hacker revealed

Date: August 02, 2006

The young hacker’s name could not be revealed before further investigation, said C15, a special police unit to combat online crime.

The police said the student, who administered several music forums, had exploited forum members’ personal computers to launch attacks on web sites hosted at the Internet servers of Nhan Hoa Software Company.

“Those who accessed these forums unintentionally downloaded hidden malicious codes which would get information about the victims’ web sites from other places and become the hacker’s tool,” network security expert Nguyen Tu Quang said.

At the company’s request, Quang’s network security firm BKIS coordinated with C15 to track the hacker and collect evidence against him.

“[The hacker’s] DDos attack can make a server go down in just three minutes,” disabling up to 500 web sites hosted by that server, Vu Duc Trung, Nhan Hoa’s director, said.

The hacker told police he had launched the attacks “for fun” since he “hated” a web site [hosted at Nhan Hoa].
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