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Discussion : Cybercrime fight hurt by apathy, law enforcement hurdles

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2011-07-23 07:36:39 -
A company's fraud write-off policy may not be the only factor that causes a victim's reluctance to report an Internet Crime to their local PD. For instance, if a victim reports a crime to IC3, then they may not report the crime to their local PD. The mindset may be - I (the victim) have reported a crime to IC3, the organization I hear so much about in newspapers, on TV, or through some other source. I don't have to go to my local PD and report the crime again.

In turn, the local PD may not come to learn about the crime since a required link does not exist between IC3 and local PDs. That is, local PDs can request access to IC3, and establish a threshold to be met by cases before local PD receives notifications about a crime; however, membership and establishing thresholds are not required by IC3, or all PDs.

Total 1 comments
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