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Be aware in Wi-Fi zones, hacker alert

Date: March 02, 2006

PROBLEM: Having an unsecure computer in a Wi-Fi hot spot

SOLUTION: Connect to a legitimate service provider and make sure the paid service you tap into is the one advertised for that location. Resist using a free signal; it could be a hacker nearby waiting for people to use the decoy Internet access.

Use your e-mail provider’s online Web site instead of sending and receiving mail from the e-mail software program on your desktop. Web-based services are more likely than desktop software to have an extra layer of security that protects data transmissions.

Make the most of your computer’s built-in security features. Most PCs come with a firewall; make sure it is turned on. If you use fire-sharing services from home, turn off your file-sharing capability when you’re in public.

Keep your automatic update feature turned on so you always have the latest versions of your software and operating systems.

Finally, be aware of who is nearby when typing in information such as passwords.
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