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A Computer Crime Or Parking Violation?

Date: March 02, 2005
Source: NBC Newschannel 6

An Idaho State University student is facing several charges, both on and off campus, for an alleged computer crime provoked by a parking violation. Ticket writer Cale Myers says his computer account was accessed unlawfully and falsely altered. Tammy Scardino met with Myers, who's concerned for the privacy of his fellow classmates.

Junior Cale Myers writes parking tickets for ISU's Public Safety. During his three years of employment, he's never encountered extreme backlash - until recently.

Cale Myers, computer crime victim: "When you're a ticket writer that long, you get to see the best of both worlds. You'll have people come out and be happy and tell you 'Thank you for doing your job.' Then you'll get the other people who come out and complain."

On a Monday morning, Myers was writing tickets along a metered stretch of parking. That's when unhappy recipient Cliff Strupp approached him about his ticket, asked for his name, and took off. The next day, Myers received an e-mail that reads, "Check next time you want to give a ticket. Have fun with your classes."

Cale Myers, computer crime victim: "I was pretty positive that it had to be from Mr. Strupp because he's the only one that had written my name down. He's the only one who had complained about a ticket in that recent time period."

Myers wasn't fully alarmed until he tried to access his personal account the next day. He immediately noticed his credit total dropped from 17 to 7 credits - canceling his scholarship and financial aid funding.

The computer center hires 100 students a semester. As they work their way up the ladder, further classified access is granted. A contract is signed by every employee. It fully outlines the responsibility of access and clearly states the penalties taken if the contract is broken.

Randy Gaines, Computing and Communications: "We trust our students. We think the majority of them take this responsibility seriously, but certainly if they choose to abuse it, that opportunity is there."

Strupp no longer works for the computer center. His wife, however, remains employed there.

Strupp will appear in court on felony computer crime charges. The Dean of Students says ISU is taking appropriate measures to discipline him and his wife, who lied to get out of paying the parking ticket.

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