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Users ignore IT security

Date: December 01, 2006

Most web surfers are at risk of potentially devastating hack attacks because they have failed to take basic IT security precautions.

About three in four US online adults (74 per cent) have not installed a hardware firewall, and about half (53 per cent) have neglected to install a software firewall, research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Check Point claimed today.

The report found that less than one in four (22 per cent) have installed a security software suite to protect against spyware and viruses. When making purchases online, 97 per cent of online shoppers use their credit card to complete transactions. However, 44 per cent do not always check for SSL security certificates when making purchases.

“As we begin the holiday shopping season this year, we want consumers to understand that internet security is no longer only about protecting your PC, it’s about protecting you. Even with all the hype surrounding ID theft and hacking attacks, the online population is still largely unaware of steps to take in order to protect themselves,” said Laura Yecies, general manager of Check Point’s ZoneAlarm consumer division.

The survey also shows that 72 per cent of adult web surfers feel as safe now as they did at this time last year, and 13 per cent feel less safe.

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